About Us

The Sri Lanka Association of NVOCC Agents (SLANA) was formed in the year 2016 by licensed agents in Sri Lanka representing Non-Vessel Operating Container Carriers who operate fleets of marine containers. The principal’s container fleets include 20ft & 40ft standard dry containers, refrigerated containers, liquid carrying ISO tank containers, and dry special containers such as flat racks & open tops.

The NVOCC Principals represented by our membership are mostly regional carriers, who operate shipping services within the Indian sub-continent (including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives), Middle East Gulf Ports (including, Dubai, Sohar, Shuwaikh, Doha, Bandar Abbas, Umm Qasr) and to Far East Ports (including Singapore, Port Klang, Busan, Hai Pong, Taiwan, and Base Ports in China).

Our ISO Tank Container Principals who are involved in transporting Chemical & Food Grade Bulk Liquids have worldwide port coverage. Our NVOCC Principals issue their own Carrier B/L’s and operate their fleets of containers by booking space on feeder operators & main line operators on SLOT basis.

Our Association was formed to promote and protect the interest of NVOCC agents in Sri Lanka and to formulate national policies to elevate the maritime industry together with the Ministry of Ports & Shipping. SLANA is actively involved in meetings with SLPA, Director General of Merchant Shipping & Customs and works closely with other Trade Associations to identify and address many issues faced by the members. Currently our membership count stands at 53.

Our Network

Sri Lanka Association of Non Vessel Operating Container Carrier (NVOCC) Agents, established in the year 2016, exclusively represents NVOCC agents in Sri Lanka. Better known as “SLANA” in the industry, it represents more than 65% of the NVOCC agency companies in Sri Lanka.






The main objective of the Association is to bring all the NVOCC agents in Sri Lanka under one umbrella, to protect and promote the interests of its trade in all its aspects. It was created with the long term objective to gain recognition and as SMEs meaningfully contribute to the development of the shipping industry and the economy of the country. An NVOCC carries goods in its own containers and issues its own bill of lading as opposed to a Shipping Line which operates its own and/or chartered vessels and a freight forwarder who uses the services of a Shipping Line or an NVOCC to carry its goods. The NVOCC’s are dominant in the region extending from West Asia to Indian sub-continent and South East Asia and their contribution to the Sri Lankan economy has been hitherto has gone unnoticed.

NVOCC Operators

They account to over 10% of the total throughput of the port of Colombo and more importantly, approximately 30% of the regional throughput of the port of Colombo. Currently around 60 to 70 NVOCC operators are prevalent in the region engaged in import, export and transshipment of containers to and via Colombo. The value and the importance of the NVOCC’s came to light to the Sri Lankan trade only when the Shipping Lines suspended their services to Iran and other destinations when Iran was issued with economic sanctions. The NVOCC’s were the only operators who came to the rescue of the exporters and importers serving the industry well during trying times.

SLANA key objective is to keep its members informed of industry wide issues, promote learning through educational seminars, CSR programs, etc